Post Estes Park Survey

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This survey is to be filled out whether you attended or didn't attend the annual meeting at Estes Park
Please fill in as much of the evaluation form as you can as this helps us with planning for future annual meetings of the COS.
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I attended the 2018 Annual COS Meeting at Estes Park
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2018 Estes Park Meeting Evaluation

How many times have you attended this meeting previously?
Please tell us how many times you've attended before this year.

The highlights of the meeting for me included:

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My favorite speakers were the following:
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Please feel free to list who you thought were the best speakers and any evaluation of their topics or talks

General comments about this year's meeting:
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What would you like to share with others about the meeting that were not in attendance?
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Would you recommend Estes Park as a repeat site for an annual meeting?
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Future Meetings

Please add any suggestions even if you didn't attend the meeting this year.
Suggestions for future topics
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Please give any thoughts for excellent topics.

I would suggest the following speakers
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Please list any speakers that you highly recommend or that you know that you could talk with.

Suggestions for future locations
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Please specify a city or resort that you would recommend that the society consider for an annual meeting.

The dates for the 2018 meeting were good.

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I would suggest the following dates for future meetings
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Please list a week or time of year and the reason for this.

I would like to recommend consideration of the following person(s) for the J Lawton Smith Award
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The J. Lawton Smith Award is given each year to one ophthalmologist who exemplifies practicing first class medicine in a spirit of love.

COS Participation and Interest

The COS has been growing in many ways in the last number of years. The board is exploring God's calling to the following ministries in sustainable manners. These areas include:

1. Maintaining the highest quality attractive annual meeting that is family friendly
2. Providing interaction or venues yearly within major medical meetings including the AAO, ASCRS, ASRS, AAPOS and ARVO.
3. Partnering with local members to launch more Regional Refresh events around the country.
4. Interacting more regularly with our missionary colleagues to provide a resource from the society of coordinated support in prayer, finances and on the ground support as needed.
5. Support and encouragement of our European and African Christian colleagues as they continue to work towards subchapters of the society.
6. Providing both print and digital resources for the practicing ophthalmologist and for those in training.
7. Development of a mentor mentee network to support our members in training
8. Helping Christian practices grow by facilitating placement of like minded physicians for employment or partnership
9. Improving our ability to communicate with our growing membership by keeping our email and regular address database up to date on a regular basis.
10. Capture society valuable content and provide online CME with this to members
Which types of meetings of the society interest you the most?

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What areas of society online growth interest you the most?

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What areas of the society would you most likely get involved in?

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COS Board Needs

The COS board is looking for "board member support" specifically in the following areas:

Finances: donor development, tax preparation, estate planning exploration
Membership development
Housestaff development (residents requested specifically)
Prayer and Spiritual Direction
Female Membership Development
Regional Refresh Coordination
Board support is important for our board members. Each board member will utilize 4 or 6 members in their specific areas to brainstorm and carry out specific small tasks for the society. Please consider serving in one of these capacities.

We are also interested in anyone with website or social media skills, marketing or newsletter design skills.
"Regional Refresh for Residents" is a Saturday only "mini-retreat" get together held regionally in areas where 3 or more residencies are clustered. Built around one or two talks, testimonies, or discussions, the COS sees this primarily as a time for fellowship, encouragement and connection to many who have not been able to attend an annual meeting.
I am potentially interested in being involved in one or more of the following areas:

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My availability

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My specific skills or interest include:
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Put any areas of expertise or passion that you have.

Which area of board support are you interested in?

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I would consider being a host of an annual meeting:

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I have the following prayer requests
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Feel free to share any prayer requests for the society.

The best thing about the Christian Ophthalmology Society is:
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