The J. Lawton Smith Lecture Series


“Welcome Doctor to Neuro-ophthalmology Tape #72”  Thus starts nearly all of the tapes that may have helped make Dr. J. Lawton Smith so famous.  Interestingly enough, it appears that Dr. Smith was so far ahead of his time, that he had invited the Podcast well before the internet was even invented!!

Many of our society members who knew J. Lawton Smith personally or who trained under him understand well the special charisma that he possessed and shared with the world.  His lectures were known throughout the ophthalmology world and still stand as classics within our field.  We are pleased to announce that many of these lectures are available by podcast.  We encourage you to visit these pages and listen to Dr. Smith’s lectures which still stand the test of time.


The Legend of Lawton PDF

The J Lawton Smith Lecture Series Collection

Podcasts by Lawton Smith

Entire Lawton curriculum and Table of Contents


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