Here are some comments from first time attenders to the COS annual meeting:

It was a pleasure learning from fellow believers who are attempting to follow Jesus by providing compassionate, excellent eye care to needy people around the world

Dr. Paul Yoder
Harrisonburg, VA

Coming from dry and dusty Africa to COS was akin to stumbling upon an oasis: An oasis rimmed with flowers. The fragrance of Christ was everywhere. This is a precious interlude in the long journey through our professional lives. We ought to avail ourselves of moments like this more often.

Dr Jonathan Pons
Sitecki, Swaziland

It is with gratitude and grace I remember last year’s COS meeting. It was my second meeting, and once again I was reminded of why I want to be an ophthalmologist. When I went the first time I was seriously considering if I could continue as an ophthalmologist and be a devoted Christian. Living in maybe the most secular country in the world, claiming to believe the bible has a price. Thank you all you good folks that helped me attend COS. Thank you for lifting a banner of hope among Christians in the ophthalmology profession. May God Bless You All.

Dr Johan Semby

It was an incredible blessing to be able to go to the COS. I work in a very secular environment in the Northeast. I had no idea there were so many Christian ophthalmologists working together to bring glory to God. It was a great encouragement to my soul to participate, and it brought new fervor to the ministry God has placed me in during my residency and for His future plans of medical ministry in Africa as a missionary. The networking that took place there will be a lifeline to many serving the Lord all over the world. I am very grateful to all of those who made my time at COS possible through a generous travel grant.

Dr John Cropsey
Wills Eye, Philadelphia


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