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We are learning quite a lot about how to care for our patients virtually during the time of COVID-19.  This is a summary of the TeleHealth Webinar along with the resourcew and platforms that was presented for the COS on March 28th.  Please feel free to send your suggestions to if you have other things to add to this and we can post it with your permission.

Telehealth Platforms to Explore:

Connect on Call


Remember that during the COVID-19 crisis, currently non-HIPAA compliant platforms such as FaceTime, Skype or WhatsApp are approved for use if this is your best way to do TeleHealth with your patient.

TeleHealth Codes that you can use:

Virtual Checkin Codes:   G2010 and G2012

Must be for established patients

Must have not seen patient 7 days prior or 1 business day after this code is used

Meant for 5 – 10 minute virtual checkin for patient

Online Digital Evaluations:

99241   5 – 10 minutes

99242   11 – 20 minutes

99243   > 20 minutes

Must also be used for established patients and restricted to patients not seen in the prior 7 days or to be seen in 1 business day after the code.  These times are meant to be cumulative for up to 7 days of virtual visits.   Virtual visits should be video and audio.

Normal E/M codes:

99201, 99202 – for new patients

99212, 99213 – for established patients

For established patients, these codes can be used for a patient who was seen recently or will be seen in person in the next day.  Documentation requirements will be no different than an in person visit.  Make sure to include 3 of 3 key components for the new codes and 2 of 3 components for the established codes

Remember that you must use -95 modifier for any virtual visit.  In addition, the Point of Service (POS) should be specified as 02

Taking Visual Acuity at Home

Methods for taking Visual Acuity may be available on several different software apps or platforms.  Otherwise, here are some good links to learn about ways to have your patient take their visual acuity:

1.  Home Acuity Monitor:

2.  Video on how to do Home Acuity:

3.  My Vision Track (Genetech)

4.  Here are links to the AAO 10 foot chart

10 foot chart – adults

10 foot chart – children

Telehealth Billing Webinar (1 hour)

Other resources include:

CMS Fact Sheet

Coding for Phone calls & Internet Consultations

Telehealth Billing Codes for Eyecare v7

Powerpoint for COS Telehealth Webinar – March 28th, 2020

Spiritual Resources Cited:

A Christian Healthcare Worker’s Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 Cancelled Our Short Term Mission Trip . . . Now What!

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