Showers of Blessings

Prayer Requests

Here are our requests for the week:

  • Wisdom for Wendy and those she works with as they continue to manage difficult decisions related to the hospital
  • Guidance for Eric and our team as they work on hospital finances and put together the mission budget for this next year
  • Health for our family – Hannah missed several days of school last week due to a minor fever
  • Wisdom for the folks at Christ Community who are managing our container – we are blessed with so much that our container is overflowing, and they are working on figuring out how to manage the excess
  • Peace that comes from the ability to trust God in the midst of challenges that lie before us

Hi all,

Thanks for your continued prayers!  Thanks to generous donors, we are going to be able to make a medicine order soon.  And the insurance company sent us two payments amounting to just over 10% of what they owe us – not a ton, but enough to help us with some current expenses.  And on the personal side, we just finally got rid of two large rats that had been enjoying the bounty of our pantry for the past few months!  God is providing, and we are very thankful! (Although we just saw another baby rat in the living room this morning – so the battle continues!)

Below is a photo of a man named Mathurin, a one-eyed pastor from a town four hours from us. Because of a generous donation, we were able to offer him a free surgery to remove the cataract in his remaining eye.  Now he can see so that he can shepherd his flock.  God is doing great things!  Thank you for the part that you play in His work!

Have a great week!

Eric and Wendy

P.S. If you have trouble cutting onions because of what they do to your eyes, Esther has a solution.

Pastor Mathurin

Esther's Solution

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