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The Salt and Light Podcast is a new ministry of the Christian Ophthalmology Society.  Each episode features ophthalmologists who share some of their journey including nuggets of truth for any ophthalmologist that seeks to follow Christ while being an excellent doctor.

We are always looking for good content and we need your help!

Each of you have thoughts on topics you would like to hear discussed or have stories that were life-shaping or have been life-giving to you.  You probably have a good story of when you saw or are seeing God work in your life or through a situation.  Maybe you know of someone who has a good story that you think would benefit others.  Perhaps there are issues you are wrestling with and you would love to talk about them. We would love to hear from you!  Please click here or the button below to share your ideas or feedback.


To get you thinking, here are some ideas:

  • Think through some of the common struggles many of us share as ophthalmologists ? the pride of life/our achievements, desire for wealth, etc. ? and talk about what God has taught you through your journey.
  • How does our Christianity affect how you deal with difficult situations like dealing with challenging patients (Adverse events, patients that are going blind, ?), how to handle difficult staff, etc.
  • A seasoned MSICS surgeon talking about your journey in learning the technique — how many cases did it take for you to feel comfortable, what encouragement and advice would you give others who are trying to learn, …
  • Missionary ophthalmologists: How do you believe God ?called? you? What have been the greatest challenges on the mission field? How have you seen God be faithful? How could we as a Society pray for you?
  • Missionary ophthalmologists (and US-based ophthalmologists): What ethical situations involved in creating a sustainable financial mission/practice have you dealt with? How have you wrestled through them? How do you determine when and when not to upgrade a patient?s surgery? Talk about wrestling with the use of premium products in patients.
  • What are some creative ways you are witnessing to patients/staff? Waiting room materials, conversations with patients, praying with patients, Bible studies…?
  • Highlight on Women ophthalmologists: How are you as a woman ophthalmologist trying to balance work and home responsibilities? Hired help, lowering expectations of yourself, …?
  • Highlight on mentorship: Mentor/mentees share how you are growing. What does it look like to be a mentor/mentee? What study topics have your used or do you suggest? Tell a story of how a mentor or mentee impacted your life.


Join Drew Caldwell in the first podcast as he interviews Dr. Glenn Strauss about the importance of spiritual formation and what it can look like for a doctor or a doctor in training….

Join Drew Caldwell in the second podcast as he talks with Dr. Glenn Strauss about the nature of discipleship in this two part podcast.….

Join Stan Pletcher as he interviews Dr. Lowell Gess who shares about his call to ministry to Sierre Leone where he helped establish the Kissy Eye Clinic and Hospital and where he at age 94 returned to comfort those in Freetown during the height of the Ebola crisis. You’ll be blessed and encouraged.

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