Return to Gabon

Thanks so much for your prayers!!  School is off to a great start for the kids!  (Attached is a photo on the first day of school.)  We made it through most of our unpacking, and we are feeling more settled in with each day that passes.  Wendy had a great visit with her parents and is now back in Omaha for a few days before traveling back to Bongolo September 14-16.  She also managed to complete and submit the residency accreditation application!  Wendy’s shoulder is recovering well, but the difficult news is that her kidney function has decreased significantly, meaning she can no longer take the pain medicine for her back that she has been taking for the past few years.


Here are our requests for the next week:

  • Wisdom, efficiency, peace, and good rest for Wendy these last few days before traveling back to Gabon
  • Smooth, safe travels and many helpers for Wendy as she travels internationally with back pain and a shoulder that has limited capabilities
  • Favor in the eyes and hearts of those who are reviewing the application that Wendy submitted
  • God’s provision and guidance for Dr. Roger and his family as he will be graduating on September 24th, and will be moving soon thereafter
  • That we would include God in all that we do – we don’t want our work and efforts to be in vain


Thanks again for the many ways you encourage and support us!  We are truly blessed!

Eric and Wendy

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