Plow and Worship!

I was challenged last summer while attending a father-son/daughter Christian camp in California called JH Ranch.  In our fathers small group time we were discussing worship and how it was so much richer for us while we were there than at our home church.  It was passionate, emotional, and engaging.  The same songs spoke to my heart more deeply, more clearly, and more personally.  It was something I looked forward to every day under that big tent.  Was it the cool crisp Northern California air?  The lack of responsibilities for the week?  The need to get a good return on our financial and time investment?

One of the dads in my group astutely pointed out that it was probably because at the ranch our hearts were already open, our minds prepared, and our soul was in a receiving posture.  I entered worship already ready for it.  Whereas it is different at our home church because I am hurrying with the family to be on time, I stop and say hello to someone in the lobby before going in a bit late, I’m thinking about work or my to-do list for the week, or I don’t pray and commune with Him first.  I have not prepared my ‘soil’ for the seeds to come.  I have not plowed the unplowed ground. 

Jeremiah 4:3b-4a says, “Break up your unplowed ground and do not sow among thorns.   Circumcise yourselves to the LORD, circumcise your hearts”.

It doesn’t always work, but I can tell my posture of worship is much better if I prepare myself for it.  It starts before I even leave the house in the morning.  It helps me to first pray and ask God to be manifest and give Him praise for His sacrifice and blessings.  If I can, I will spend a little time in His word.  This plowing prepares me for worship.  Life here at home is a bit more ‘ranch’-like if I tune-in ahead of time to the Spirit.  This helps the signal I receive during worship be a whole lot clearer…God loves me, Jesus died and rose for me, and I am His.

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