Passing Days

Prayer Requests

Here are our requests for the week:

  • Wisdom, strength, and good rest for Wendy
  • Provision for the finances for the hospital (thanks for your persistence in these prayers!)
  • Strength for those diligently receiving and organizing the many items that are being sent for the container
  • That we and our kids would better understand God’s love for us with each day that passes

Hi all,

We hope your year is off to a good start.  Every day that goes by means we are one day closer to being with God in heaven, so that’s good news for us.  But it also reminds us that those who are not following God are running out of time, which hopefully motivates us not to slack in our efforts to share the good news with those around us.

Wendy’s role as medical director continues to bring interesting tasks.  This week, she is coordinating the medical care for dignitaries attending an international bike race that has one segment of the race starting in Lebamba, a nearby town.  It’s not quite what she had envisioned when we came here!  Covering the medical director role in addition to her normal eye clinic duties is not easy, so prayers are appreciated.  We are also in the process of ordering equipment, supplies, and personal items for our next container (which is kindly being coordinated by Christ Community Church in Omaha.) 

Below are photos of our kids at church and of an eye clinic holiday party.  We are truly blessed to be here!  Thank you for the part that you play in accomplishing God’s work here!

Eric and Wendy

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