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The COS is looking for your creativity in both the clinic and in the operating room!   Think about any special techniques you may have invented or used that may not be traditional or widely used and share these tips via video or live at our KC meeting this summer.  We know there are some innovative ways to practice and we want to hear from you!!    

outside the box                                  box cartoon

What are we looking for?   Well, just about anything that comes to mind that helps you in your practice, clinically or surgically.  It could be:

  • An innovative way to greet patients, check them in efficiently or take care of them in the waiting room
  • Ways of evaluating patients or examining them which help aid the diagnosis process
  • Ways of using staff that are out of the box and very helpful to your practice
  • Methods of sharing the gospel with patients during a busy day
  • Innovative methods of motivating your staff or building a more cohesive team!!
  • Creative ways to capture photographs at the slit lamp for teaching patients
  • Creative approaches to any surgical problems in the Operating Room
  • Innovation for how you work in a mission field setting whether locally or internationally

This year we will have prizes for the best entries and we will have a "shark tank" lot of fun while presenting.  If you are not planning to come to Kansas City, please submit your entry online anyhow as they will all be reviewed and posted!!   Click here to make your entry prior to July 16th!