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Fast Infuriating Cataract Surgery Edited

Have you signed up yet for the 44th annual COS meeting in St Paul, MN, August 5 - 9, 2020? With apologies to David Letterman, here are the "Top-10 Reasons COS President, Matt McCauley, is going to St Paul this summer:"

10. Great fellowship with my Christian ophtho peeps.
9. I get to knock out a hefty dose of CME's.
8. Free wet lab with gadgets...I like gadgets and I'm cheap, so bonus.
7. Acquire some useful tips for my practice that I can use the next week...they'll think I'm brilliant! 
6. I heard there is a mall there.
5. I do cataract surgery...and I've been told I'm not perfect. 
4. It would be rude to stand up the local meeting hosts and not come.
3. It's the only family vacation my office pays for. 
2. It's hot where I live in the summer, get me out of here!
1. The COS childcare program costs way less than camp!


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