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Studying God’s word is fundamental to a strong walk with Jesus and yet, if you’re like many of us, life and other things can quickly consume my time and we can quickly go a week without glancing at God’s word.  It’s a lot easier to study when you are involved in a small group--- it’s more fun, more enjoyable and more fruitful when there is good conversation about studying God’s word.

Both ophthalmologists along with COS staff members will be sharing some of these studies on different dates.

If you'd like to be involved, please send a quick email to: and we will send you the schedule.  If your schedule is swamped but you would like to hear, please still send and we will send you a private link for the recording of the bible study.  

If you are interested in sharing as an input for the Bible study, please click here to share your interest.  We'd love to have you involved!!