Glen Mentor Program

"My brother in Christ and mentor in my faith and in Ophthalmology (in that order) departed this life on August 1st. He fought the good fight. He finished the race. He kept the faith. As he always reminded me, God is good but "It's hard down here." No more, as the temporary trials he endured while on this Earth are already pale nothingness in comparison to the fullness of God's glory that he now sees. He no longer sees through a mirror dimly, but face to face. We mourn his passing, but praise the Lord for the work He accomplished through Glen Brindley's life. I can't articulate. . .

Eddie Mengarelli, MD
McDonald Eye Associates
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"Dr Brindley was one of my heroes. He is the reason I went into glaucoma. He is one of the most intelligent yet humble and joyful men I have ever known. He was passionate about his faith, his family, and preventing people from going blind. He used to tell me all the time “glaucoma is a rescue mission and I am blessed to be one of the rescuers.” His love for patients caused him to continue seeing patients in clinic until only a couple weeks before he died. He would work 4 days and get chemo one day a week until his body finally told him he couldn’t do it any more. I frequently called him about glaucoma cases and already the day after he died I wished I could call him on a case. I will greatly miss his clinical wisdom."

Jamie Paauw, MD
Piedmont Eye Center
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"It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Dr. Glen O. Brindley on August 1. Glen was a resident at Duke Eye Center in the late 1970s. He did a fellowship in oculoplastics and then returned to his home town of Temple, Texas, where he joined the faculty of the Scott White Clinic, which was co-founded by his grandfather. In the ‘80s, he came back to Duke for a glaucoma fellowship with me and then practiced both subspecialties at Scott White, although glaucoma soon became his primary interest and the bulk of his practice . . .

Bruce Shields, MD
Yale University
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"Dr. Brindley taught and modeled before me the importance of ordering my priorities - my faith, my family, my work. He loved God and His Word, he loved his family, and he loved people. You could not ask for a more faithful, God-fearing, humble boss. I returned to Scott & White because I wanted to work for Dr. Brindley. He would always check on my own faith walk, my marriage, my kids, and lastly, my work. I miss him. The culture of Christian service he created in our department will continue in his honor and for God's glory."

Kenny Lao, MD
Professor, Scott & White
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