Prayer Is Our Privilege

Prayer is a key element in the Christian’s life. We are encouraged in Scripture to carry one another’s burdens in prayer. It is our great privilege to lift up your request to our Father. 

The Christian Ophthalmology Society has been blessed with a number of wise and caring doctors who are available for prayer and counseling.  We believe prayer is at the heart of the Christian life and is our best asset when looking for guidance, healing, reconciliation, or simply developing a deeper life with God. Knowing we can pray with fellow followers is a huge encouragement.  If you would like others to come alongside you in prayer and support, please go to the link below and let us know how we can pray for you.

While we wish we could be available to everyone, we have decided to focus our time and resources on the unique group of people who practice ophthalmology.

You can let us know your request by filling out the form below.

May you experience strength, healing, restoration, and life that comes through Jesus!

— The COS Board