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COS members firmly believe in the motto “Sharing Christ’s Light through Caring For Sight”. Several of our members are ophthalmologists on the mission field and many other members take short mission trips regularly to help restore sight-visually and spiritually-among the underserved throughout the world.

What does it mean to ‘foster’? Well, when we foster a child, we welcome them into our home as a regular part of our family, giving them our resources financially, emotionally and spiritually. As followers of Jesus Christ, we do this in the hopes of making an eternal impact in the life of that child.

Our goal in the Foster a Missionary program is similar. We hope that by Fostering a specific missionary—focusing our resources on just one mission—for a 12 month time period, we can make a large impact in their ministry and thus make an eternal difference in the lives of the people they minister to. 

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Introducing Wendy Hofman, MD and her family.

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