Merry Christmas from the Hofman Family

Merry Christmas from the Hofman‘s! For those of you that weren’t sure, we’re still here at Bongolo hospital in Gabon, Africa. We’ve been here since 2009. My how time flies! Wendy continues to care for patients at the eye clinic, performing eye surgeries and teaching others to do the same. Eric is helping with finances and administration.  And Esther (10), Eli (9), and Hannah (6) are growing, learning, making us laugh, and making us long for time to pass more slowly. 

The other day, Esther said to us “why don’t we celebrate Jesus‘s birthday like we celebrate other birthdays? For other birthdays, we celebrate a person’s life and who they are, but for Jesus, we mainly focus on when and how He was born.” This was a very interesting question which made us think. Maybe we should spend more time at Christmas talking with Jesus, thanking Him for what He’s meant to us and the part He’s played in our lives. We can reflect on times He has made us smile or been with us when we cried.   And we can look forward to Him being part of our lives this next year.

Merry Christmas with love!

Eric, Wendy, Esther, Eli, and Hannah

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