Reflections on My Mentor

My brother in Christ and mentor in my faith and in Ophthalmology (in that order) departed this life on August 1st. He fought the good fight. He finished the race. He kept the faith. As he always reminded me, God is good but “It’s hard down here.” No more, as the temporary trials he endured while on this Earth are already pale nothingness in comparison to the fullness of God’s glory that he now sees. He no longer sees through a mirror dimly, but face to face. We mourn his passing, but praise the Lord for the work He accomplished through Glen Brindley’s life. I can’t articulate how much of a blessing it is to have been under his teaching in he and Nell’s marriage study, in Sunday school, in clinic, in the operating room, and in his office whenever I needed Godly counsel. His ministry deeply impacted my walk with the Lord and strengthened my faith and my marriage throughout the trials of residency. I’ll always remember how he counseled and cared for patients. I’ll always remember how he rested in God’s sovereignty in the midst of difficult surgeries. I’ll always remember how well he loved his wife and his family. I’ll always remember his zeal for sharing his faith. But I’ll mostly remember how he constantly pointed me to our Savior in all situations. And that’s exactly how Dr. Brindley would have wanted it. Praise be to God for his well lived life. 

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