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With over 100 ophthalmologists, fellows and residents and less than 30 exhibitors, you are assured to have many opportunities for quality interactions at COS’s Annual Summer Meetings. This is a uniquely intimate opportunity to engage ophthalmologists regionally, nationally and globally.

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48th COS Annual Meeting

July 24-28, 2024

Hyatt Regency Greenville
220 N Main St
Greenville, SC 29601

This is the general meeting schedule with Exhibit times highlighted in yellow.

Schedule at a Glance

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Times are subject to change.

"A Uniquely intimate opportunity to engage ophthalmologists regionally, nationally and globally."

Exhibitor Prospectus

Christian Ophthalmology Society is pleased to invite the ophthalmic industry and ophthalmic non-profit organizations to exhibit at our annual summer meeting.  We have a good company to attendee ratio, so you are assured of good conversational opportunities.

Our attendees are interested in cutting edge equipment and procedures that will save them time and money both in their home practice and on the mission field. We would love to see what you have!

This year our meeting will be held at:

 Hyatt Regency Greenville

220 N Main St.
Greenville, SC 29601


Hyatt Regency Greenville

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