Many of the lectures from the 2013 annual meeting in the Woodlands were taped and are just now released.

Please click below to watch any of the lectures that were recorded. ?Others will be added later.



Thursday, July 25th – Mission Emphasis Day


??David Stevens – Motivating People to Change their Health

freedman? Kenn Freedman – Teaching Ophthalmology Abroad – An alternative approach to medicine

ben? Ben Roberts – Subspecialty Care in the Rural International Setting

anderson? Steve Anderson – Pterygium Management that Works Globally

Ben Roberts – Improving doctor-patient relationship through historical story-telling

Stan Pletcher – Engaging international opportunities

Steve Anderson – A calling to missions

Ben Roberts – How to Organize a Remote Outreach

Jacquelyn Jetton – An International Fellowship Report

David Stevens – Top Ten Questions About Career Missions

Glenn Strauss – The HelpMeSee Simulator Update

Glenn Strauss – MSICS challenges – the terrifying and the terrible


Friday and Saturday, July 26th, 2013

Brad Bowman – Corneal Update

Robert Rosa – Stem Cell Update

Brad Farris – Neuro-Ophthalmology Update

Scott Barnes – Perspective of a Military Ophthalmologist

Alan Carlson – Did Jesus really heal the man born blind?

Alan Carlson – Prevention and Management of Surgical Complications

Matt McCauley – Femtosecond cataract surgery and ethical issues in ophthalmology

Kenn Freeman – Botox use in ophthalmology

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