The lectures from the 2012 annual meeting in Savannah were taped and are just now released. 
Please click below to watch any of the lectures that were recorded.


Wednesday night session, July 25th

Glenn Strauss, John Cropsey – Building personal capacity for kingdom expansion Interactive session


Thursday, July 26th – Mission Emphasis Day

Victoria Sheffield – Responding to Local Needs:  The Evolution of a Volunteer Organization

Victoria Sheffiled – Case Studies in Sustainability

Victoria Sheffield – The role of the US Ophthalmologist in Building Capacity

Baxter McLendon, MD – Capacity Building with your Life

Jeffrey Rutgard, MD – Capacity Building for the South Pacific

Jeffrey Rutgard, MD – A Calling for Full Time Mission Work

John Kempen, MD – An Academic Model for Missions

John Cropsey, MD – African Stumpers, Challenges and Conundrums (not available yet)

Stephen Christiansen, MD – How to Prepare to Make a Difference

Jeff Rutgard, MD – MSICS Primer – Tips for Building Surgical Capacity
(this lecture had a technical difficulty in the recorded soundtrack approx 15 minutes into the lecture and is truncated.)

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