Grateful for the Holy Spirit and Angels . . .

This unbelievable story of the Holy Spirit’s protection over Dr. Gess and his family in their years of service in Sierra Leone and Nigeria is a book that should be read by anyone looking to seek God’s call for their life.   Dr. Gess outlines in 58 short but engaging chapters, the amazing detail of how God directed him from a young age on a farm in Minnesota to a life of exciting service to others.

I haven’t devoured a book in such haste reading chapter after chapter finishing it in less than a day because of the dramatic stories from many different sections of his rich experiences as he shared how the Holy Spirit accompanied him daily through each moment in his journey.  

For anyone wanting to actually palpate the presence of the Holy Spirit and God’s angels in our lives, Dr. Gess surely brings this theme into a real life view that is unmistakable!  The trials discussed in these pages are really unparalleled and clearly outline the strength of our sovereign God and his protection over us.  Dr. Gess details an unbelievable life outlining God’s overwhelming presence and protection with his vivid descriptions of encounters with Lassa fever, malaria, rabies, hepatitis, an ebola epidemic, robberies, run away cars, violent coups, angry mobs in crowded streets, sleepless nights, potentially career ending injuries, clinic breakins, rocket propelled grenades and a horrendous civil war in full display.   You can’t miss chapter 24 which clearly outlines the courage of Dr. Gess in the height of Sierra Leone’s civil war and his utmost dedication to his patients and the clinic in Freetown.  This chapter is just one of the most captivating in the book! Having “hope beyond hopelessness” is outlined in vivid detail in a gripping narrative shared by fellow native believer – Mohamed Rogers in Chapter 13.

For anyone who has traveled to Sierra Leone or bordering countries, you will appreciate Dr. Gess’s historical outline of this area of the world and the civil war. His summary is as detailed as most well written Wikipedia entries.   As we have reflected in this past year on how treacherous Haiti has been as a country, after reading this chronicle, you’ll agree with me that Sierra Leone and it’s long lasting trials during it’s brutal civil war make Haiti seem like a relatively safe walk in the park!

For anyone wanting to know more about the Holy Spirit in the Bible and about angels in the Bible, the last third of the book is essentially a concordance of references to each.  You will be inspired to seek the presence of the Holy Spirit even more fully in your own life and you will likely pay much closer attention to be on the outlook for the “angels on motorcycles” in your own life that will surely come your way!   Dr. Gess, you’ve inspired us all again!!


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