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We have lots that we could ask for prayer for this week (finances, difficult decisions, energy, good rest, etc.), but our hospital administrator has asked that we send out the following prayer request:

We recently found out that several basic medicines that we normally order cheaply from outside the country (ibuprofen, acetaminophen, doxycycline, etc.) are no longer being allowed to be imported into the country.  Instead, we are being asked to purchase these medicines from a company in the capital city that produces them.  This means that we may lose a lot of medicine that we have already ordered and paid for (and that is just now arriving), and we might need to pay much more for these medicines going forward.  Please pray that we would find a way to not lose the medicines that we have already ordered, and either that we would be able to continue to order these medicines from outside the country or that we would have enough money to purchase the medicines in the capital.

Hi all,
It seems like the work here is never without its challenges.  But we praise God that we also get to see much fruit, including the following story.  One of our patients, a Muslim man from the country of Burkina Faso, was working for a French company.  Because he had eye problems, the company sent him to Turkey, but he didn’t find the help he needed there.  Somehow, he ended up at Bongolo, here in the middle of the remote jungle of central Africa.  We were able to care for his cataract and glaucoma here, and while here, he heard about Christ.  He said about our evangelist, “The words he was speaking were giving me goosebumps – I felt it in my whole body.”  Wendy heard the recording of the evangelist sharing with him and was very encouraged at what and how he shared.  This man has now received more than he hoped for while at Bongolo, and has been adopted by our heavenly Father, who pursued him across two continents to bring him here.

We praise God for pursing us, for being a God who we can trust, and for being a God who can do all things.  May we trust that He will accomplish His will, even when things seem impossible.

Have a great week!

Eric and Wendy

The words he was speaking were giving me goosebumps – I felt it in my whole body.”

We had a nice time celebrating birthdays and Easter at the beach (Birthday girls to the left).  Thanks for your prayers and your birthday wishes!

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