God is Good

These past couple of weeks have been very full for us and our team.  Both the team’s strategic review and the hospital’s oversight meetings went well.  It is so good to have teammates, colleagues, and leaders who are all very interested in hearing both from each other and from God.  We are truly blessed to be here at Bongolo!  Two big needs were clearly stated in our meetings – finances and staffing needs.  (The insurance is behind in their payments again – they owe the hospital over $200,000.)


Our family has been battling colds, but we’re making it through.  Wendy has been enjoying teaching Bintou, her joyful and encouraging ophthalmology resident, and Eric is working hard to get caught up in the hospital finances.  In the midst of a busy time, we are looking forward to having a bit of a break over Thanksgiving.  We plan to have Thanksgiving dinner with our team on Thanksgiving itself, and then we’ll head to a nearby town (3 hours away) for a few days at a hotel with a restaurant and a nice pool. 

Prayer Needs

Here are our requests:

  • God’s provision for hospital finances and staffing
  • Encouragement and strength for the hospital staff
  • Healing for Sonia, the eye clinic chaplain, whose neck was injured while riding a taxi to work
  • Wisdom in managing the hospital during times of need
  • Recovery from colds and good times as a family

Above are a couple of fun pictures – one of a HUGE pineapple that we grew in our yard, and another of the girls bobbing for apples (which proved to be quite difficult for Hannah, given her lack of front teeth!)  We are so thankful for our family, and we are thankful for your consistent love and encouragement!


Have a great couple of weeks, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Eric and Wendy

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