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Shader, Nigeria Evangelism

Jesus opened the eyes of the blind, providing vision and meeting the physical needs of the lost. He then proceeded to preach the gospel, opening the spiritual eyes of the people. As ophthalmologists, The Lord has equipped us with the privilege of serving others in the most incredible way, using us to restore sight, as Jesus did. Even more important than physical sight, is salvation. My idea is to conduct high volume cataract missions in close connection with crusade evangelism. 

This idea came about when I was on an evangelistic outreach with Christ for All Nations, the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke, in Ibadan, Nigeria. While there, I witnessed crowds of over 500,000, and I was greatly impacted when I noticed a Nigerian who could not see, as he had a mature cataract. It was at that point that I realized the powerful impact of ophthalmic medical missions, and how it could be so powerful in connection with evangelism. This experience led me to leave an accounting career 6 years ago, to pursue the dream of medical missions and evangelism. 

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