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Watch this video to find out how your office or you as a physician can support the COS Sponsored Missionary – Dr. Wendy Hofman, who is serving at Bongolo Hospital in Gabon, Africa.

Dr. Wendy Hofman

Dr. Hofman's needs

Dr. Hofman is training residents in ophthalmology at Bongolo Hospital and has currently trained three different residents.  She is in need of an improved microscope for teaching purposes.  Ideally she is need of a microscope with a  stereoscopic teaching head for best resident training.  She describes the need below.


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Engage your patients with these brochures!

Order free copies of these color brochures to give to your patients by clicking the link below or by calling 269-697-1267

  1.  Order “FAM” brochures from the COS for free to give to your patients.   Click this link to have brochures sent directly to your office.
  2. Consider a donation for each refractive surgery, or premium cataract surgery.  
  3. Consider donation of working used ophthalmic equipment.
  4. Communicate directly with Dr. Hofman to discuss other options.  To email her, please send email to:
  5.  Donate directly to the Bongolo Ophthalmic Equipment Fund or to the Bongolo Cataract Surgery Fund.
  6. Pray regularly for Dr. Hofman, her family and her ministry.   Include your staff in this opportunity!

Ways for your office to support Dr. Hofman

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