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Watch this video to learn more about the ministry of COS Sponsored Missionary – Dr. Jono Pons, Director of Medical Mission Eswatini and Grace Vision Clinicin Eswatini, South Africa.  Prayerfully consider how you as a physician and perhaps your office can support his work.

Dr. Jono Pons

Dr. Pons' needs

Dr. Pons provides eye services, training and research for Southern Africa in a manner that disciples others and demonstrates God’s love.  Activities include 4 research projects, 3 trainees, with outreach to Sudan, Mozambique and South Africa, with over 6 partners.

  • Funding: Our model aims to be self sustaining in the near future. However, we do not yet have there serves required to support free surgeries for the poorest, nor enough funding for the outreach to poor communities where we have been invited to serve. We have more plans than funds for expanded OR and clinic!
  • Equipment: Argon laser, B scan, portable keratometer! Practically all our equipment is Pre-owned.
  • People: A second Ophthalmologist, a nurse and an accountant would be our dream!

Engage your patients with these brochures!

Order free copies of these color brochures to give to your patients by clicking the link below or by calling 269-697-1267

  1.  Order “FAM” brochures from the COS for free to give to your patients.   Click the “Get Brochures” button above to have brochures sent directly to your office.
  2. Consider a donation for each refractive surgery, or premium cataract surgery done through your office.  
  3. Consider donation of working used ophthalmic equipment.
  4. Communicate directly with Dr. Pons to discuss other options.  To email him, please send email to:
  5.  Donate directly to Dr. Pons’ Medical Mission Eswatini Fund.
  6. Pray regularly for Dr. Pons, his family and his ministry.   Include your staff in this opportunity!

Ways for your office to support Dr. Pons