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All new members must be approved by the COS moderators of this email group as this is NOT a public email group.  Membership in this group will be only offered to to any ophthalmologist, ophthalmologist-in-training (medical students, residents, and fellows). 

Uses for this forum  include:

  1. Posting of clinical or surgical cases seeking advice
  2. Discussion of missions-related challenges
  3. Seeking help with ethical or other challenges with patients, staff, or practice
  4. Asking for referral recommendations for patients who are relocating and need a new ophthalmologist
  5. Networking and building a community of Christian ophthalmologists around the world

The success of an online forum such as this depends upon the active use of the forum, so we ask that you invite others who might be interested and to personally post queries and responses.  Most registrants in email groups tend to be ‘passively watching’, but the more active the forum, the greater the benefit of the group will become. 

Those interested in this forum can request membership by emailing:     When posting a new message, please pick a subject that reflects the topic you are posting about.  You can send an email to: and it will appear to the entire membership (including you).  It may be best to add that email address to your contacts to be sure it is not recognized as SPAM.  Attachments are permitted and scanned for viruses by, but please keep in mind the file size will determine how quickly the message will get processed and sent.  If you post a number of images, be patient before reaching out to the administrators as it may take longer to appear. 

Please keep in mind that the information given in this forum does not necessarily reflect the position of the Christian Ophthalmology Society and any medical advice by the ListServ users is given in good faith.  Any information given in this forum is a matter of one’s own opinion/experience and use of the information gained herein is at the sole responsibility of the user.

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