Helping You Connect

The COS currently has two online discussion groups that are invitation only.  The Member Listserv serves our members to share questions and discussion about practice, faith and missions and helps to build our community.  It is open to any members of the society. 

The EurAfrican COS group was started in 2016 to allow easier dialogue for COS members practicing in Europe and Africa and to give support to the many missionaries that are serving in Africa as well as national Christian ophthalmologists who would like to connect.

COS Member Listserv

This listserv is for members of the COS who wish to dialogue or seek advice from other colleagues about clinical scenarios, mission work, faith related issues and more.

To subscribe, send an email to 

EurAfrican COS Group

The EurAfrican COS Group is made of a group of Christian ophthalmologists who live and work in Europe and Africa.  We are followers of Christ who desire connect with other believers in ophthalmology in order to encourage, challenge and support one another in our faith journey, families and practices.

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