Claim your CME for Kansas City 2019 — Don’t Forget!

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If you were at the 2019 Kansas City Meeting don’t forget to claim your CME!  Click on the link below to see what you need to do.

If you were not present at this meeting, we are offering CME for watching our content online.  Please click here to see the list of lectures.


More comments about the 2019 COS Annual Meeting:

The activities that were most stimulating to me…
  1. The Annie Moses Band with COS children performance – Amazing!
  2. Heard lots of outstanding reports on female spouses lectures by Annie Moses band?s mother. I attended one and was blown away. 
  3. The Grant Recipients testimonies – God will use whomever from wherever to bring His Word to pass.
  4. Private Equity, Administration, Management- the Business Of Eye Care – it is so important to have an understanding and knowledge of the numbers.
  5. Update on Medical Marijuana – a riveting EyeOpener on how far reaching the consequences are.
— Dr. Duranda Ash, M.D.

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