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brindley2Be a part of the COS Glen Mentor Program!

If you are unfamiliar with our "Glen Mentor Program," it is a mentoring program the COS has establish in honor of Dr. Glen Brindley.  Glen was a part of the COS since it's beginning and a board member for many years and huge supporter of the society.  After he passed on August 1, 2018, the board recommended that a mentoring program be named after him since he mentored so many ophthalmologists over his long career both in professional and spiritual ways.  He not only mentored doctors to become excellent ophthalmologists, but also equally to become better husbands, wives or followers of Christ.  

We believe that mentorship simply cannot be ignored and there are many stories in the Bible about the importance of sharing what you know with someone else. Jesus Himself did this throughout His ministry with His disciples.  Within our field, it is very important that we pass on to the younger generation the qualities of servant leadership, transparency, humbleness and faithfulness.  

If you are interested in possibly becoming a "COS Glen Mentor" or in finding a mentor through this program, please go to our website fill out this form.