Brindley Blog
Dr Brindley was one of my heroes. He is the reason I went into glaucoma. He is one of the most intelligent yet humble and joyful men I have ever known. He was passionate about his faith, his family, and preventing people from going blind. He used to tell me all the time “glaucoma is a rescue mission and I am blessed to be one of the rescuers.”  His love for patients caused him to continue seeing patients in clinic until only a couple weeks before he died. He would work 4 days and get chemo one day a week until his body finally told him he couldn’t do it any more. I frequently called him about glaucoma cases and already the day after he died I wished I could call him on a case. I will greatly miss his clinical wisdom. 

Perhaps the biggest way he impacted me was he taught a marriage Sunday school class at church. I learned a lot from him on how to love my wife better and he modeled it in his marriage with Nell daily. He was a spiritual and clinical giant and had a perfect balance between work and family while being the chairman of a department.  He was my friend and I will miss him dearly.