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Glen Brindley Mentor Program

Are you looking for a mentor?  If you're a young medical student, resident or fellow and looking for a mentor, please get in touch with us.  And, mentors, we need you too!

Mentors (and mentees) are needed in life -- someone who is a little further down the road than we are or has skills we would like to develop in our life, or someone who has the values or character we would like to emulate.  Likewise, we all have something to offer.  God has taught us much in our journey.    

If you have a mentor or mentee, here is an assignment you can do together.  We think you will get a lot out of it... 

Watch the first 27 minutes of this COUNTERFEIT GODS – VIDEO Sermon by TIM KELLER -- "Idols of the Heart" -- by clicking on the book cover.  Then take a few minutes to answer a few questions....use the discussion questions the next time you and your mentor or mentee connect.

What thing, if you lost it - could almost mean that you would lose the will to live -- What thing if you lost it, meant all significance and value would be drained out of your life --- Whatever that thing is, the Bible calls it an idol. The Israelites battled idols over and over and over -- the story of the Jewish people is largely one of following God then abandoning God as they chased after idols. Do we presume to think that our lives are any different?  Is it any accident that the Old Testament repeatedly shows us the reality of idols in our hearts?

An idol is anything more fundamental to you or to your life than God -- to your sense of self, for your sense of self value. Idols are things you’re looking to to get fulfillment and meaning and a sense of life purpose from: power, comfort, financial security, your kids - your wife, career, achievement, maybe a political cause and on and on.

An idol will always break your heart. No created thing can bear the 'freight' of your deepest hopes or the weight or your deepest longings. Idols will always break your heart.”

If you’re a phenomenal athlete, or you’re an incredibly successful businessman, or you’re a world class cataract surgeon -- if this very important, very fundamental piece of your identity was gone, how would you go on?

We may say to ourselves that if we were the best this or that, if we had the most toys, if we finally broke through, if we were finally rich, or extremely successful or highly esteemed and loved, we would be happy—we would be fulfilled…we may say this to ourselves but it’s a lie.

Pastor Keller says “Anything you worship, outside of God, will eat you alive"…If you worship money and things - if they are where you tap real meaning in life, then you will never have enough -- you will never be satisfied…this pursuit of things will never fulfill you because you can never have enough.

After you watch the first 25 minutes of Tim’s video, here are a few questions for discussion with you and your mentor.

What are some of the most prominent idols you see in our culture?

What are the idols you struggle with as it pertains to your career as an ophthalmologist?

How do you recognize the symptoms of idolatry in your life? You might do this by asking yourself, “What or where do I spend my money and time -- or to go much deeper…What is my worst nightmare -- What thing if I lost it, what thing if it were absent from my life, would almost take away my very desire to live?”

For some of us, career, kids, spouse, money and success are a large part of our sense of identity - our sense of acceptability, or our sense of worth - it’s not just money or prestige - in a very real sense it’s like a sense of salvation. Isn’t this an idol?

We say that God is most important to us, but honestly what is FUNCTIONALLY most important to us? For some, our parent’s approval, or spouse's approval, or societal approval is functionally more important to us than our relationship with the Lord.


The Glen Brindley Mentoring Program is run by the Christian Ophthalmology Society (


gstraussFor Mentors and Mentees and those we have yet to pair up....Great News!

Dr. Glenn Strauss will lead the Mentors/Mentees on Saturday, February 22th (Note the date change) at 9 a.m. Eastern time.  Glenn will talk about "The Nature of Discipleship"

Please note this date in on your calendar as I'm sure you won't want to miss it...This will be an online gathering! 

To join us on Saturday, please click this link on Zoom at the appropriate date and time.

- COS Board and Staff



brindley2Be a part of the COS Glen Mentor Program!

If you are unfamiliar with our "Glen Mentor Program," it is a mentoring program the COS has establish in honor of Dr. Glen Brindley.  Glen was a part of the COS since it's beginning and a board member for many years and huge supporter of the society.  After he passed on August 1, 2018, the board recommended that a mentoring program be named after him since he mentored so many ophthalmologists over his long career both in professional and spiritual ways.  He not only mentored doctors to become excellent ophthalmologists, but also equally to become better husbands, wives or followers of Christ.  

We believe that mentorship simply cannot be ignored and there are many stories in the Bible about the importance of sharing what you know with someone else. Jesus Himself did this throughout His ministry with His disciples.  Within our field, it is very important that we pass on to the younger generation the qualities of servant leadership, transparency, humbleness and faithfulness.  

If you are interested in possibly becoming a "COS Glen Mentor" or in finding a mentor through this program, please go to our website fill out this form.

Purpose of Mentorship:

We believe mentoring takes place when a person senses a need for growth and seeks to learn from someone. At their best, mentors will walk alongside you and God to provide wisdom, shape your character, and nurture your soul. Our desire is to help you find someone who can assist you in your vocational and spiritual development.

Glen Brindley's Example:

Glen Brindley was an active member and supporter of the COS since its foundation. With his passing in 2018, we remember his professional and spiritual impact on so many ophthalmologists that he mentored throughout his career. 

The Bible gives many examples of mentoring relationships, illustrating the importance of sharing what you know with someone else. Jesus Himself demonstrated this throughout His ministry with His disciples. Within our profession, it is important that we demonstrate the qualities of servant leadership, transparency, humbleness and faithfulness to each other and the younger generation.  Dr. Brindley encouraged ophthalmologists to not only excel professionally, but he equally encouraged them to become better spouses and followers of Christ. Glen was an incredible example of what it means to be a mentor.

How the Program Works:  After expressing an interest in the program, we will send you a questionnaire and one of the mentorship directors will follow up with a phone call at your convenience.  Getting to know more about you will help us make a good mentor-mentee match.  Then, through prayerful consideration, we will pair you with another ophthalmologist.

We encourage you to meet monthly by phone or video call for about an hour. Monthly material to discuss will be provided through the program; however, you are free to walk through a Bible-based study together or pick another agreed upon topic..

My brother in Christ and mentor in my faith and in Ophthalmology (in that order) departed this life on August 1st. He fought the good fight. He finished the race. He kept the faith. As he always reminded me, God is good but "It's hard down here." No more, as the temporary trials he endured while on this Earth are already pale nothingness in comparison to the fullness of God's glory that he now sees. He no longer sees through a mirror dimly, but face to face. We mourn his passing, but praise the Lord for the work He accomplished through Glen Brindley's life. I can't articulate how much of a blessing it is to have been under his teaching in he and Nell's marriage study, in Sunday school, in clinic, in the operating room, and in his office whenever I needed Godly counsel. His ministry deeply impacted my walk with the Lord and strengthened my faith and my marriage throughout the trials of residency. I'll always remember how he counseled and cared for patients. I'll always remember how he rested in God's sovereignty in the midst of difficult surgeries. I'll always remember how well he loved his wife and his family. I'll always remember his zeal for sharing his faith. But I'll mostly remember how he constantly pointed me to our Savior in all situations. And that's exactly how Dr. Brindley would have wanted it. Praise be to God for his well lived life.