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James P. Gills, M.D., is founder and director of St. Luke’s Cataract and Laser Institute in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Internationally respected as a cataract surgeon, Dr. Gills has performed more cataract extractions with lens implantations than anyone else in the world. He has pioneered many advancements in the field of ophthalmology to make cataract surgery safer and easier.

While Dr. Gills has many accomplishments and varied interests, his primary focus is to restore physical vision to patients and to bring spiritual enlightenment through his life. Guided by his strong and enduring faith in Jesus Christ, he seeks to encourage and comfort the patients who come to St. Luke’s and to share his faith whenever possible. It was through sharing his insights with patients that he initially began writing on Christian topics. An avid student of the Bible for many years, he now has authored eighteen books on Christian living, with over seven million copies in print. With the exception of the Bible, Dr. Gills’ books are the most widely requested books in the U.S. prison system. They have been supplied to over 2,000 prisons and jails, including every death row facility in the nation. In addition, Dr. Gills has published more than 191 medical articles and has authored or coauthored nine medical reference textbooks. Six of those books were bestsellers at the American Academy of Ophthalmology annual meetings.


791555: Exceeding Gratitude for the Creator Exceeding Gratitude for the Creator’s Plan
By James P. Gills, M.D. / Creation House

* Explore the natural world of God’s creation and learn more about the supernatural wonders of his grace—in 31 days! Dr. Gills offers an apologetic for the life-changing potential of the Christian worldview as he discusses the transforming power of appreciation; DNA; divine destiny; forgiveness; healing—and finding ultimate satisfaction in our Creator. 464 pages, softcover from Creation House.

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