Be Still…

Yesterday, we had a fun event – our container arrived from the US (see attached pictures)!  We’ve been enjoying sifting through personal and hospital items, and we look forward to having some yummy treats in the coming days (including new cereal!) 

We’ve entered a very busy time for Eric.  The mission budget is due at the end of the month, the hospital oversight committee meeting (which will involve some pretty difficult financial decisions) is coming up in a few weeks, the next container (to be shipped in March) is in full swing, and we have normal month-end finances going on.  Also, a nurse from the Central African Republic has arrived who Wendy and the eye team will be training in cataract surgery for the next few months.  A lot going on!!  But the verse that came up for today is “Be still and know that I am God.”  Very appropriate timing! 

As part of trying to trust God, we are going forward with plans to spend a long weekend at the beach next weekend with another family on our team.  With 7 kids ages 10 and under, there will likely not be much being still, but we hope it will be a good change of pace and a time of fun and connection.

Here are our requests for the next couple of weeks:

  • Wisdom as we put together the mission budget
  • Financial provision for the hospital
  • Comfort for Dr. Elisee and his family – they have lost two close relatives (a brother and a mother) in the past month
  • An ability to trust God and be still when we aren’t able to get to everything on our to do lists
  • For Dr. Roger as he studies for an International Council of Ophthalmology exam

Attached is a picture of a young man named Guy.  He came to us because of a really bad bicycle accident, but while here, he heard the gospel for the first time and decided to give his life to Jesus. He simply had never heard the gospel before, and responded once he heard it. Isn’t it like our God to bring good from the bad?

We praise our God who can handle an overwhelming schedule and can bring good from bad situations!  Have a great week!

Eric and Wendy

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