The Christian Ophthalmology Society was founded in 1977 as an interdenominational group of eye physicians and surgeons who confess that Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord.

The goals of the society are:
1) To develop unity in friendship among ophthalmologists in Christ
2) To encourage medical students, house officers and fellows in their walk with the Lord
3) To support other physicians’ faith in Christ regardless of denominational background
4) To have meetings with emphasis on the family so that all family members will feel at home and enjoy the surroundings
5) To develop new professional acquaintances and get to know the families of colleagues who love the Lord
6) To cooperate with and pray for missionary ophthalmologists
7) To pray for revival, particularly in medicine

Statement of  Faith


We are saved by grace, through faith, in Christ alone.

 Our only authority is the Bible.

 We exist for the glory of God.

Mission  Statement

“Sharing Christ’s Light Through Caring for Sight.”

Purpose Statement

Christian Ophthalmology Society is formed to further, by study and teaching, the knowledge of diseases of the eye and the application of such knowledge to the prevention and treatment of these diseases and to promote the objectives of the Christian ministry of healing in the care of patients and the philosophy and character of ophthalmological physicians.

At the core, the goal for our society is to encourage ophthalmologists to center on Christ, focus on others and to become a servant   utilizing the field of eye care and surgery throughout the world and at home.


Christian Ophthalmology Society is committed to providing quality CME lectures so that ophthalmologists are able to continue practicing first class medicine.

Christ Focused

It is our desire that everything coming through the COS will bring honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.


Enjoy great fellowship with like-minded colleagues whether at our in-person meetings or our virtual meetings.

Jean Hausheer, President


Eddie Mengarelli, Secretary

Jeff Taylor, Treasurer

Our board & staff

Our volunteer board and staff are committed to serving ophthalmologists in all areas.

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The President's Corner

Dr. Jean Hausheer is the current president of the society.  She shares these articles for the benefit of the community.

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"It is such an honor and privilege to be an ophthalmologist and be a part of the fellowship of COS. We have a truly unique opportunity to share the good news of Christ as we preserve and restore sight. As Ambrose Paré, a 16th-century French surgeon stated, "Je le pansai, Dieu le guérit" (I bandaged him, God healed him). The miracle of vision is God's mission field for us to our fellow human, and giving back sight in the name and power of Jesus never gets old. Micah 6:8 give us our marching orders: "He has shown you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God".

J Lawton Smith

Practicing first class medicine
in a spirit of love.