The Presidents Corner

The President's Corner

mccauleyDr. Matt McCauley is the current president of the society.  He shares these articles for the benefit of the community.

Think about your work . . . your job, your work environment, your staff, co-workers and your patients.   

Why do we work?   Why is there work at all?

Who is your boss?  What guides your key decisions everyday at your work?

You'll want to tune in to this video to hear Dr. McCauley's wonderful talk at the 2018 AAO COS Prayer Breakfast.  

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COS Board member Jeff Taylor and his family recently returned from the Bahamas where they helped Dr. Duranda Ash with relief efforts after Hurricane Dorian.  Each day they screened 100s of patients living in one of the evacuee shelters in Nassau, Bahamas.   

A friend of Duranda's produced this short video to show an outreach conducted by Jeff, his family, and Duranda and her staff to Hurricane Dorian evacuees at the Kendal Isaacs Gym in Nassau, Bahamas. 

Thank you for your support!

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