The Presidents Corner

The President's Corner

mccauleyDr. Matt McCauley is the current president of the society.  He shares these articles for the benefit of the community.

Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.  What an incredible year this has been for the society and the future looks equally exciting!  I urge you to read this letter in its entirety and then consider how our wonderful fellowship of Christ-following ophthalmologists might encourage you in your own practice and personal walk. 

As the new president of the society, I was asked to speak at AAO this past month in Chicago.  God laid on my heart to speak on the meaning of our work.  How often do you feel unfulfilled in your work?  I know I do at times when I feel the grind of clinic and O.R.  This year God has been revealing to me the analogy of the potter’s wheel.  We’ve all heard the potter and clay analogy.  However, our work is like that wheel, and it can be used by our loving creator to mold us more into his image.  Work is not about a means to an end, self-fulfillment, or even evangelism.  We have been created for work and I hope that you take the opportunity to watch the recording and challenge God to speak to you personally about your work and the meaning behind it.  My prayer is that His words will go forth and produce fruit.   You can find the link at: The Meaning Behind the Work Add a comment

Think about your work . . . your job, your work environment, your staff, co-workers and your patients.   

Why do we work?   Why is there work at all?

Who is your boss?  What guides your key decisions everyday at your work?

You'll want to tune in to this video to hear Dr. McCauley's wonderful talk at the 2018 AAO COS Prayer Breakfast.  

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