Grant recipient testimonies


Two years ago, I went to the COS meeting in Grand Rapids.  Every night, I called my wife and said to her, “these people exist!” I was referring to skilled surgeons who loved God and their families above all else.  This year, my wife was able to come with me and see it for herself.  COS gives us examples of how we want to live our lives and how I want to practice medicine. COS has changed everything!

God has used COS to change the way I hope to practice medicine through the examples of men and women who prioritize their faith and their families far above anything else. In such a competitive specialty, it is so easy to become lost in chasing prestige and fortune.  COS grounds me every year and reminds me of what my true God-given purpose is. I want grant contributors to know that as a medical student, it was imperative that I heard and saw what I experienced at COS; a community of believers that constantly sharpen each other to pursue what we were created to do: Honor God by serving people.  Thank you so very much. I hope one day to be able to pay it forward.