A Physician’s Faith


J Lawton Smith was a charimatic man in more than one ways.  He was charismatic in his faith and in his lectures as well.  he was a joy to listen to and was well known across the world for his famous lectures on the pupil.  He was charismatic as a leader for the society when it began in 1977.  One of his books was “A Phyisican’s Faith” which brings out much of his personality.  Chapters like “An Ophthalmological View of Obstretrics” and “Spiritual Neuroanatomy” are great examples of the way he looked at life as a Christian Holy Spirit led neuro-ophthalmologist.

We are excited to have as a gift to any current member of our society, a full copy of this book in whichever format is desired (Kindle, iPhone, Surface, PDF).  In order to view and download the book, you will need to be logged in and current in your membership dues for the current year.

To download the book, click below for the version you need:


Enjoy the book and please add your comments to this article for the community!!

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