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COS Member, Dr. Lowell Gess is a 95 year old ophthalmologist who has served in Sierre Leone for his career at the Kissy Eye Hospital.  We recently have had the privilege of hearing him speak in person to the society at the 2016 AAO prayer breakfast.  Dr. Gess is an inspiration to me in so many ways.  In particular, it has been impressive to see how he has recently traveled multiple times back to Sierre Leone during the ebola crisis in order to support the clinic and staff that he worked with despite the dangers.  In terms of thinking through the real dangers present traveling to Sierre Leone during this dangerous time, he related that he wasn’t concerned about these dangers.  He was much more concerned about how he could support those working there in being present and in praying with them.

Here is a picture of Dr. Gess praying for and with his colleagues in Sierre Leone.

Please enjoy this wonderful video created by Renaud Duval about one of his recent trips to visit Sierre Leone.



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